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Because a reception is unlike any other, because a dinner of eight guests or a buffet of five hundred people are subject to the same requirements, because a host must delight all the senses of his guests, Rod & Sap design each of their services according to two principles: creativity and tailor-made. Their priority is to satisfy the choice of connoisseurs, the greedy desires and the curiosity of all.



We roast on a wood fire, in the old-fashioned way, at your home piglets, hams on the bone, panties of lambs, farm chickens, accompanied by succulent sarladaise potatoes.


Your guests will appreciate the flavors of a meat cooked over a wood fire and the show of cooking piglets and other items on our rotisserie cooked using a unique barbecue system designed by us, which makes it possible not to burn the ground because the fire is suspended in "fire compartments".